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Dog Centred Care

Welcome to Dog Centred Care, an education and consultancy platform dedicated to exploring the emotional experience of  the dog and how it drives their behaviour. We are launching our courses and consultancy service soon. If you would like to go on our mailing list please use the contact form. You can also find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/dogcc


The Emotional Experience

Dog Centred Care invites carers and dog professionals to explore the emotional experience that drives dog behaviour and move beyond the usual judgements, expectations and labels that can often hold us back.

Dogs share many of the emotional and physiological responses we do. Like us, their behaviour will be driven by how they are ‘feeling’, and the only way they can communicate that emotional need is through their behaviour. Often the dog is seeking some form of ‘relief’ to feel differently.

When we understand this emotional drive, we can move away from the traditional emphasis of arbitrarily creating/changing behaviours. Instead, we can find ways to offer the dog the relief they seek, and support behaviours that are innately useful to them.

This is the power of a Dog Centred Care Approach.

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Dog Centred Care Course and more!

If you are an owner/carer you can benefit hugely from learning more about why your dog behaves the way they do. Our Dog Centred Care course will provide the perfect foundation to be a more aware care giver and support best outcomes for your dog. We also offer 1-2-1 private consults for those who have been on the course.

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If you are a professional that works with dogs you can also benefit from learning more about the dogs emotional experience. Whether you are a groomer, vet or vet nurse, dog walker, home boarder, trainer or behavioural practioner, understanding emotional drive and need for relief will help improve the care component of your work. As well a our Dog Centred Care course we also offer courses and mentorships programmes designed to help you deliver this approach to clients and customers.

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We have linked in with industry leading profesionals to provide easy signposting to other services for those who want to learn more about specific topics and disciplines such as : Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology , Training and Behaviour, Grooming, Scent work etc

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If you work in Rescue, please get in touch about discounted places on webinars and courses.

What We Offer

Dog Centred Care offers webinars, short courses and private consultations to help educate care givers about their dogs emotional need. You will learn about:

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The dog emotional experience and the need for a Dog Centred Care ™ approach

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How the dog communicates that emotional need

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About the concept of ‘Relief’ and why it is so important when supporting a sensitive dog

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Learn of the complexities of behaviour in a way that is accessible and engaging

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How to learn from the dog about their processing preferences and needs

We also offer:

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Consultancy services for business and rescues

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Mentoring and consultancy for dog professionals

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Bespoke input from leading industry profesionals and signposting to their courses and services

We are proud to work in Partnership with Pet Remedy ™. We recognise the value of including this product as part of any support plan. 

Andrew Hale BSc is a Certified Animal Behaviourist living in the UK. He is a trustee at the Association of INTODogs (www.intodogs.org) and the behavioural consultant for Pet Remedy (www.petremedy.co.uk ).

With over 10 years experience in the field, Andrew is a well known figure in the dog behaviour industry and has been involved in many welfare and campaigning projects. With a real passion for exploring the emotional experience of dogs, Andrew has spent the last few years lecturing and educating both to care givers and other professionals on the subject of Dog Centred Care.