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We all (our dogs included) share a lot neurologically, physiologically and biologically. This is where science is very helpful in understanding the way these systems work, how they are connected and their probable function. However, how we ‘feel’ about the sensations and feelings these systems create, and how we process their meaning, value and importance, is a very personal thing.

This is the essence of the individual lived emotional experience.

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How we feel, what we feel and why we feel are all important aspects of our own individual lived emotional experience. Our genetic makeup, our life experiences (social, physical and environmental) and the influence of others (personally, socially and culturally) all help form our belief and value systems : A unique combination that creates our ‘truth’. Whilst we might experience something in a similar way to someone else, how it affects us, what it means it us and how it informs our future self, can be a very individual experience. This outlook helps define our personal safety needs and forms part of our own survival story. The same applies in many aspects to the dogs we share our lives with.

Understanding the individual emotional experience is key to supporting the mindset shift we need when seeing behaviour differently - not just in dogs but also in ourselves. This why I set up Dog Centred Care and Your Safe Space - to consider what this mindset shift is all about. Through Dog Centred Care you can find all my work in one place, and Your Safe Space offers the chance to work with me through my mentoring and support services.

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You can watch me discuss the emotional experiences with Janet Finley and Michele Dart as part of the Heart Dog Summit

I am proud to work in Partnership with Pet Remedy ™. I recognise the value of including this product as part of any support plan.  Together, we do lots of work to promote the importance of emotional wellbeing for companion animals.

A bit about me - I am a Certified Canine Behaviourist living in Devon UK with my husband and three dogs - Arthur, Harley and Molly. I have been working with dogs for nearly 15 years. I am the behaviour consultant for Pet Remedy, and proud to be an expert advisor for Canine Arthritis Management and a Kids Around Dogs Trainer. I do lots of work to support many dog welfare and rescue organisations.

With a background and interest in Human Psychology, I have always been passionate about exploring the emotional experience that lies behind behaviour, both in dogs and the humans around them.

I have always tried to play a supportive role in the dog training and behaviour community, including having previously been the chair of the Association of INTODogs, and I was the driving force behind the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter.

In 2020, I started Dog Centred Care which focuses on supporting a dog led, emotionally centred, approach to providing the best care and support for dogs and their caregivers. On this platform, I have been hosting online conversations with some of the world’s leading scientists, researchers, trauma experts, dog professionals and veterinarians. These conversations are credited with helping transform the perceptions and language around dog training and behaviour. 

I have been fortunate to have been invited to speak at many of the leading behaviour conferences and I have presented at esteemed events such as the London Vet Show and the Association of Cats and Dogs conference. I have also had the chance to appear on many of the leading podcasts and been invited to write for major publications. You can find links to some of these on this website.

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